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Capri - 40 years and lookin' good!

Capri 40th Anniversary

Brooklands Motor Museum - Sept 26th 2009


To start with some pics hot off the camera.


Big thanks to Surrey Capri Club for arranging this - lot of work and planning - much appreciated. Plus the weather was brilliant.


"OK drop and give me 30!!"


That's what we got here - 30 of the best Capris as selected by Surrey Capri Club ( to be fair - could have had another 60 coz it was hard to leave some out I bet)



Who would have thought in 1969 we'd have seen this lot on the banked circuit at Brooklands?


Can't wait til the 50th Anniversary................





Couldn't resist this one - this 280 was the beginning of Capri The Legend Lives and Dr Brooklands - no it wasn't my first 280 - I bought my first in 1988 and sold it in 1996 - thought I was done with 280's til I restored E28 and sold it to Malcolm below - that was 1999 the rest as they say is.............. well, I won't even say it.



It was good to see another 2 of my ex's right outside the front door. No, that's not her with the shades on that's Mrs G next to Mr G.!!


and finally for now the only 280 I've ever seen finished in 'Brooklands' Black!





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