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Ford Capri

5.0 V8 Coyote



A one off car - unique in the

world !






Gallery of brand pics - click picture or CLICK HERE

Many more pics available if required


Call me on:-

+44 7974 000857

Year: 1986
Make: Ford
Model: Capri Mk 3
Colour: Ford Black

Buy at show £33,000

Buy after show £42,000





This Capri is one of a kind.

It was built for a TV series called Goblin Works Garage. It was sponsored by Quest and Discovery Channel.

First appeared on TV in the UK in January 2018.

I've owned around 50 Capris in the past 30 years. Never had one like this before.

I have created 2 pages for your perusal. One is the SPECIFICATION page. The GALLERY page is in the usual page as shown on here.


The Capri started out its life as a Black MK3 2.8 injection. It has a meticulous document history file when it was in it's pre modified state.

The car was faultless, fabulous bodywork and a perfect blank canvas for a daring project such as this.

The V8 Capri project was one of 6 undertaken by Goblin Works and the consensus is that the Capri was the publics favourite.

The TV episode could have easily been a 2 hour programme to enable Capri buffs and engineers the facility to gorge themselves on the whole build. Be that as it may, when TV and advertisers call the shots - you get what you get.

So, the car was sketched out and agreed to be built as a V8 with the Ford Coyote 5.0 V8 motor as used in the 2017 Mustang GT.

I'll not list any of the spec here - see SPECIFICATION to get the low down.

The car was completed inside of 6 months or so. Total costs as of November 2017 - £55,000.

Since then another £2000 has been spent perfecting the car for every day use and driver comfort.

The Capri on it's debut did a 12 second 1/4 mile at Santa Pod, with 2 people in it.

The top speed according to calculations is just over 170mph.


No, not What Have You. Why build it, why buy it?

The brief was to make a Capri like no other. Mission achieved!

Make it go like it looks and engineer it professionally - Mission accomplished.

Why buy it?


Well, I was smitten in the first 2 minutes at NEC Classic Show, "it had me at Hello"!

My intention was/is to show the car and to give people the up close and personal look at the only Capri in the world that will destroy Porches, Ferraris and Audi R8s!

I took it out in May 2018 to it's first 2 shows just as a chance to stretch its legs. Never entered in any competition as such.

However, it won Gold at CCI Nationals and Best in Show at Pure Ford Castle Combe out of 500 amazing Fords.

The Capri is booked to 5 more shows in 2018. Including Old Timer GP at Nurburg and Capri Europe event in Luxembourg.

I'm committed to these events. The only thing that would stop me is if someone wanted to buy it at the pre-October price above.

By waiting til October you may save 4-5000. I will facilitate viewings before then and even take a deposit from any genuine customer.

What next?

Well, if you are the one person in a million that would want this creation - call me and have a chat. Can't hurt.

As a rider I would say that this car is serious metal. It is not for the average Capri or classic car owner. It may look a bit stealth but it is pure adrenaline and in the wrong hands a WMD.

So, yes a bit of a strange advert admittedly, but then it's a strange Capri.







Capri 280

1. Capri 280 - unregistered - client waiting

2. Capri 280 - less than 5000 miles- client waiting

3. Capri 280 less than 10,000 miles - client waiting

4. Capri 280 less than 25000 miles client waiting

Please use Contact Page for getting in touch with me. Thanks

ps Finders fee of £300 for info leading to a purchase.

cars For sale

0 - 280 in stock

I haven't stopped acquiring Capri 280's. It's just that there are so many rotting 280's and in need of full restoration that I walk away

from a lot. The owners still think that asking a high price is OK because it's a Brookie. Well clearly it's not OK.

A project is a project and that rule still applies.


If you have a decent, straight, clean, un molested 280 that you want to sell please contact me.


If you have an unregistered 280 also please contact me - I am discreet - even if we don't make a deal I won't let on where your car

is or who has it.



From the Dr's surgery:-

Serious buyers only are invited.


If you are decided, have funds and ready to test drive - call me!


It'll be a happy day for sure - what a great way to enjoy your hard earned........











Email your enquiries and get to the top of the list - I revise my Wanteds list every

couple of weeks.

Please register your interest in any Capri 280 by emailing me - thanks Dr B.










FOR SALE and ready to drive away now







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SELLING? know of someone selling?

Know of a Capri 280 for sale? Low miles, excellent condition?

If you put me in touch with a seller and I buy the car I will pay you a finders fee of £300

(terms and conditions: must not be a relative of yours!! and only if I haven't seen it already)


See Home Page for details of a new initiative that could well take off regarding 'project' Capri 280's.



Note: Something that has occurred in the past couple of months is that I am being offered Capri 280's at prices that are way above what they are worth. When I ask why so high, I am told that Capri 280's seem to fetch high prices on my site!

Hello - there's a reason for that. I spend months preparing the cars and eliminating virtually every blemish, restoring leather, paintwork, wheels, trim etc etc.

It takes a lot of time and money to get the results I do.

If you have a Capri 280 for sale and it's not in show winning condition then expect it's value to be much less than a restored car.

The main reason that Capri 280's have been raised to the level they are is because this site and my work has brought them there. So, what I'm saying is, just because there's a 280 badge on your car does not mean it's suddenly worth much more.

The majority of 280's I go to see are average. Some are very special but most are well used and I walk away from more than I purchase.


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Why buy a Dr Brooklands 280?

1. No need to spend any money on it

2. All original Ford panels

3. No welding.

4. Fully MOT tested

5. Show winning finish to paintwork

6. Interior leather awesome

7. Drives and sounds great.

8. Basically all the work is done or didn't need doing.

So if you want a 'project' 280 don't buy one of mine!



Probably the best Capri 280's in the world..............

Brookies always in the pipeline - if you want to be included in the Wanteds list - just pop me an email stating your requirements and budget. thanks Dr B.

Factoid: The Governments relentless attack on our disposable income has meant a number of things - higher inflation, drop in house prices, over 160 more stealth taxes, higher fuel, higher energy, pensions destroyed & drop in standard of living and...... it will get worse! Most of this was avoidable as will be shown one day. However, it's not all bad news. There's at least one commodity that's maintaining it's value - a classic Ford. To be specific a classic Capri 280. Some folk are virtually investing in a 280 as either a nest-egg or at least an asset that can be released for cash if circumstances dictate.

Capri 280's of the standard on this site are a good investment and they give the driving experience a boost when all we hear is bad news. There's one thing that this government hasn't penalised us for yet and that is the width of your grin! Only a matter of time til 'Grinning with intent' is an arrestable offence (well tuning to Radio 2, reaching for your glasses, scratching yer nose etc will soon render you liable to incarceration.

Smile on, get a Capri 280 and drive it with a 20-20 grin on your chops. If you are stopped by the Attitude Police just say you have a Grinning Permit signed by Dr Brooklands - that ought to do it. See you in jail.............



A note to overseas viewers/buyers - if you live overseas please CLICK here before you proceed to contact me


Here's a thought - ever wondered what a Capri 280 is worth? CLICK here to find out.


Warranty's - people ask about this - CLICK here for an answer

The process.

1.Seen a 280 on my site that you like?

2. Want to see / drive it?

3. Contact me.

4. If you really want to hold it for purchase - deposit £800 (returnable upon visit to view car)

5. Come on down and have an enjoyable day, hopefully drive away in the Car You Always Promised Yourself........





























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